Kenzen Karate Programs

Samurai Kids

Ages 4 - 6

Samurai Kids Karate is our beginner-friendly FUNdamental karate program!

Help your child lay the foundation for an active life by trying out one of the most kid-friendly sports on the planet!

Members gain confidence and feel as strong as a samurai as they build their karate skills, improve their ability to focus on the instructor and interact well with their dojo classmates.

Our younger members advance through the colour stripe curriculum with the goal of eventually graduating to the full 7-11 years Juniors program.

Every new beginner will receive a FREE uniform upon sign up to feel part of the Kenzen dojo straight away!
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Ages 7 - 11

Juniors is Kenzen's beginner-friendly fundamental karate program!

Juniors advance through the colour belt curriculums with the goal of becoming a black belt.

Members gain confidence as they grow in their ability and improve their physical literacy.

All beginners get a FREE uniform when they sign up!
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Ages 12 - 15

Members age 12-15 get to train with their peer group, make great friends and advance their karate understanding with the Kenzen Teen program.

A perfect blend of high-energy workout with advanced coaching methods gets everyone's bodies and minds sharper while having great fun too!

We coach both traditional principles and sports karate tactics in this group to encourage all levels of ability and experience.

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Ages 16 +

Active for life fitness and Karate skills.

Fitness, skill development, sports karate movement and self-defense are emphasized within a positive and supportive karate dojo atmosphere.

Taught by our professional Coaching Association of Canada certified instructors in a safe, fun, purpose built dojo!

Members interested in competition can enter Karate BC sanctioned tournaments to challenge their skills, have fun and meet new friends from other clubs.

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Ages 16 + up

Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a great complimentary style to support the standing-up concussive system of Karate-do.

Under the tuition of Royce Gracie certified instructor Gabe Kremler, we offer twice-weekly lunchtime training sessions.

Members learn from a well established curriculum of personal protection, foundational skill drills, into free-rolling application practice, in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Grab a FREE uniform when you sign up!
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